The Dincel Group was founded in 1989 as Dincel & Associates Consulting Engineers. The group originally specialised in structural and design engineering working across both commercial and residential markets.

In 2006 Dincel Structural Walling went to market. The years preceding 2006 were spent researching and developing the original PVC based permanent formwork system, proving the initial concept, demonstrating compliance with Australian NCC and finally internationally patenting what is now Dincel Structural Walling.

As a qualified and registered structural engineer, Burak Dincel the owner and founder of the Dincel Construction System Group, knew all too well about all the challenges associated with speed of construction, concrete cancer, handleability onsite and durability of civil and infrastructure, multistorey high superstructures, as well as low rise commercial buildings and residential homes.

The Dincel Civil Solutions business unit, uses the same products manufactured by its sister company Dincel Structural Walling to provide various Design, Supply & Install packaged solutions specific to the civil and infrastructure market segment.

Today, use and acceptance of Dincel products in the marketplace both locally and internationally is growing rapidly, with Dincel being used across commercial, residential and civil markets in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

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Design, Supply and Install for all your Civil Infrastructure needs