dincel applications - Road and Infrastructure
Dincel applications for Road and Infrastructure

Road & Infrastructure

From noise barriers to crash protection walls, Dincel Civil Solutions can provide solutions for various road and infrastructure applications.

dincel applications - Tunnels and Stations
Dincel applications for Tunnels and Stations

Tunnels & Stations

Dincel Civil Solutions are able to provide full engineering design, inspection and certification for your projects including tunnels and stations for roads, railway and metro.

Dincel walls and columns can be used in civil applications including tunnels and stations, allowing for the installation process to progress at a faster rate, which in turn results in savings in construction time and labour.

dincel applications - culverts
Dincel applications for Culverts


Dincel Civil Solutions have significant experience in the construction of culverts, load bearing and earth retaining structures of any shape and size.

We can assist with propped or unpropped suspended slab options for confined spaces, full engineering design, inspection and certification, bulk excavation, metal decking and more.

Due to the lightweight modular construction of our culverts using Dincel Structural Walling, we can minimize site cranage and material handling.

dincel applications - Water Supply/Sewage Infrastructure
Dincel applications for Water Supply/Sewage Infrastructure

Water Supply/Sewerage Infrastructure

With an extensive range of profiles and components, a variety of enclosures (including curved configurations) can be achieved to contain liquids and materials such as water (detention, retention, stormwater pits), waste water, sewage, sludge, petrol, manure and grain

Perfect for aggressive environments, Dincel can be used for above ground tanks, below ground tanks, pits, drainage channels, OSD tanks and potable water storage tanks.

Dincel can also be used for other agricultural or animal farming applications. Previous Dincel Civil Solutions projects include an Equine training pool, crocodile tanks and a trout farm.

dincel applications - Access Pits/Manholes
Dincel applications for Access Pits/Manholes

Access Pits/Manholes

Dincel structural walls can be used for a wide range of modular and custom access pits and manholes across major industries including roads, rail, electrical, water, security and energy markets.

From fresh air/exhaust shafts, underground switch yards & junction boxes to service, escape & access chamber and mechanical, electrical & service pits & shafts.

dincel applications - Retaining Walls
Dincel applications for Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Perfect for sites with single sided access or hard to access sites and with profiles available in standard stock and custom length/heights, Dincel can be used in retaining walls of various sizes in your civil project.

Dincel Civil Solutions can assist with footings & base slabs for retaining walls, single & dual skin Dincel retaining walls, earth reinforced retaining walls to tall & highly loaded counterfort retaining walls or submerged retaining walls & waterproof basements/structures.

Various wall capping and finishes are available for Dincel retaining walls including green, natural vegetation walls.

dincel applications - Revetment/Sea Walls/Erosion Protection Walls
Dincel applications for Revetment/Sea Walls/Erosion Protection Walls

Revetment/Sea Walls/Erosion Protection Walls

Dincel Structural Walling's flexibility of design and waterproof properties allows it to be uniquely adaptable and perfectly suited to custom projects where conventional construction methods would not be suited.

Perfect for revetment walls, sea walls and erosion protection walls, Dincel eliminates the need for waterproof membranes, sealants and chemical additives (excluding junctions).

Case Studies

Gundagai Sewerage Treatment PlantMay 2020

“I was sceptical to begin with, mainly because I hadn’t used the product before and I was old school.” David said. “When the engineer told me, you didn’t have to use too much bracing and it held itself mainly, I was very sceptical so that’s when we decided to have a look at it.”

West Pennant Hills CulvertSep 2019

Culvert in West Pennant Hills. 11m length (5 cells)

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